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Welcome to Hebrew Hearts!

Hebrew Hearts Outreach is here to help those Hebrews who feel alone in their walk and hoping to find others in Covenant to share this Journey of Life with.


About Hebrew Hearts Outreach


Welcome to Hebrew Hearts Outreach!

Hebrew Hearts Outreach was founded by Brian-Asriel Newman to help the hearts of All The Creator's People to find Shalom in their Relationships with other Hebrews and with their Creator.

Hebrews are those who left their Earthly Family and Culture, 

to be Adopted into the Family Culture of Abraham,

the Father of the Faith.

This Culture of Faith was taught to Abraham by the Messiah (Yeshua-Jesus), who taught Abraham an entirely new way of Life according to His Instructions (Torah-the Bible) and His Spirit (The Holy Spirit) and in His Covenant (both The Original and The Renewed Covenants) that had been lost in Eden by the First Adam but restored by the Second Adam. 

Hebrew Hearts Events

Hebrew Hearts hosts Regional Meetings and also Seasonal Shindigs in order to connect our Single's and we are available to organize other Events, or if you need assistance organizing events.

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Hebrew Hearts On Instagram

We now have an Instagram account for Hebrew Hearts Events!!! 

(Just search Instagram for HebrewHeartsEvents) 

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Hebrew Hearts Resources

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Local Groups

If you are trying to connect local 

Hebrews on an Individual level 

(instead of Congregational level) in the area you live, are moving 

to, or have connections with, 

click here to find a group listing.

Single's Group

Hebrew Hearts Seeking Spouses 

is the Single's Outreach of 

Hebrew Hearts. 

Please join for Fellowship, 

Friendship, and Hope if you are 

Single. Even if you have given up on hope of finding a spouse, come for Friends and Fellowship.. Our Regional Groups meet once a month in person as well!

Connection Groups

/Healing Groups

These Groups help connect and

Support Veterans, those Separated or Divorced, those with Disabilities or Special Needs, and those with a Family Member with Special Needs or Disabilities. There is also a Group for Dream Interpreters and those with Revelatory Gifts.

Counseling/Mentoring/Prayer Resources for Hebrews

Brian has an M.A, in Human

Services emphasis Marriage and 

Family Counseling if you need 

relational resources. James runs 

our Prayer Line and Joy connects Hebrews with Mentors if needed. 

Dream Interpretation

If you have a Dream that needs 

Interpretation please reach out 

through our dream site


If you are seeking help for 

Healing, Deliverance, or you need Intercessory Prayer, reach out to

James Schmidt of Hebrew Hearts.

Find Other Hebrews!

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Hebrew Hearts has Regional Groups covering every region on Earth so that Individual Hebrews can find each other on the local/geographic level.

Regional Groups

Director of High Fives, Apple

Hebrew Hearts Seeking Spouses is our Single's Outreach to help Hebrew Single's to find Fellowship, Friendship, Prayer, Support, Encouragement and hopefully, also a a

 Covenant Spouse.

Single's Group

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Hebrew Hearts has a few Specialized Groups for Hebrews with Disabilities, for Veterans, for Real Estate Agents, those going through Divorces, and those in other Special Situations.

Connection Groups

 and Healing Groups

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Hebrew Hearts Outreach Team

Brian Newman

Brian Newman


Dream Interpretater and Hebraic Educator

Brian holds a M.A. in Human Services (emphasis Marriage and Family) from Liberty University where he attended Seminary and Undergraduates in History  and Foreign Language as well.

Brian's writings are at 

Jamie Valenzuela

Single;'s Outreach

Jamie Administrates our Single's Group "Hebrew Hearts Seeking Spouses" and is building a Spouse Finding Website.

Joy Gaffin

Administrator and Mentorship Networking

Joy Gaffin handles all Administrative Duties for the Group as well as connects those who need Mentors with those willing to help. 

James Schmidt

James Schmidt

Prayer and Intercession, 

James is gifted in Prophetic Ministry.

He often follows up after Dream Interpretations to help with the Spiritual Causes of the Dream.

Hebrew Hearts Social Media Director/Events Coordinator

Contact Misty for more info about Single's Events and Social Media Questions

Misty Dittman

Single's Events Coordinator

Misty Dittman is the founder and CEO of "Ma'am's Hot Jam" and also coordinates Single's Events and Regional Meet-Ups for Hebrew Hearts 

Theology of Hebrew Hearts (with Founder Brian-Asriel Newman)



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